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    Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT)

    The advantage of the Flight Risk Assessment Tool is that it requires only objective decisions rather than subjective ones. This document is for demonstration purposes only. It is not to be used for actual flights unless modified to suit individual pilot circumstances. This sample is appropriate for a non-instrument rated pilot flying a simple or complex single-engine airplane.

    Click the link below to download PDF version.

    Download sample FRAT

    Developing Personal Minimums - FAA

    Having a custom Personal Minimums Checklist is very important for every pilot. This document from the FAA explains the why and how of developing your own Personal Minimums Checklist.

    Download Personal Minimums Document

    Checklist Course (FREE)

    This course is intended to increase the pilot's awareness of how effective and efficient checklist usage can actually lower the pilot's workload and increase safety. Even the most simple airplane can be flown more safely by incorporating appropriate checklists..

    The course also includes a bonus module on the importance of creating and using abnormal procedures checklists.

    Go to Checklists course registration page on the Bright Spot Schools learning platform.

    Urgent Decision Making Course (FREE)

    Created primarily for pilots, this course discusses three kinds of decision making, but focuses on urgent decision making. The course draws from recent research on how the unconscious mind can influence decision making and how it can be trained to make better decisions when seconds matter.

    Go to Urgent Decision Making course registration page on the Bright Spot Schools learning platform.

    Human Factors Ground School Course (Get 50% Off)

    Valid for all three Wings credits at the basic level

    Nearly all aviation accidents have their roots in human error. This updated course will present basic human factors and apply them to Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and Risk Management. The influence of the unconscious mind, including our cognitive biases, is explored without the psychobabble, but with practical application examples. Some accident analyses are presented to illustrate important concepts. Lessons are primarily delivered via narrated video. Pertinent documents are available for download and review quizzes are provided for each section. A final course quiz must be successfully completed to earn FAA Wings credit.

    Valid for All 3 FAA Wings Credits at the Basic Level (Basic Knowledge-1, Basic Knowledge-2, Basic Knowledge-3)

    Completion time is approximately 3.5 hours.

    Go to Human Factors Ground School registration page on the Bright Spot Schools learning platform. (This link automatically takes 50% off the course fee. All proceeds from the course sales via this link are used to support the Safety Initiative.)

    View the Recorded Webinar

    Click here to view the recorded "Better Decision Making" webinar on YouTube

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