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    Getting Together Uneventfully

    Wings Basic Knowledge-3

    After a couple of years of cautious human interaction, we are beginning to again get out into the world. Aviation events as well as family and school reunions, sporting events, weddings, and even delayed funerals are calling us to attend. Many of us will be using general aviation to travel to these events. Our goal is to travel to and from the event without creating an event of our own along the way.

    This live webinar will discuss some simple ways that pilots can be safer and be better prepared to successfully execute the cross-country flight whether it be two-hundred miles, two-thousand miles, or more.


    Event has passed.


    Click here to view a recorded version of the webinar content. Sorry, no Wings credit for watching the recording.


    Associated Online Course

    This presentation is also available as a free, online course valid for Wings credit. Please note that the online course includes more supporting material than the webinar presentations. The estimated time to complete the course is one hour 20 minutes. Due to the additional material, the course is valid for 1.5 Basic Knowledge-3 Wings credit. Click here to enroll in the course.


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